Welcome to Truth In Digital

Welcome to Truth in Digital, our platform for sharing ideas about how to create marketing power for a digital world. Our hope is you will join us in re-imagining what the future will look like, and engaging in a dialogue about how to plan for it. When Mike and I first began this journey twenty years ago, we understood that the world of marketing, branding and advertising as we knew it was about to explode. In our wildest imagination, we could not have predicted the magnitude of the disruption that followed. Google and Facebook didn’t exist. The iPhone was a decade away. And the President of the United States could not tweet.

So just imagine what the next twenty years will bring. Or five. From healthcare to financial services to retail, travel, manufacturing and beyond, we are in the infancy of transformation. On a good day, it overwhelms. The rest of the time it feels best just not to think about it. A tempting strategy, but ultimately doomed. Just ask Toys ‘r Us. Waldenbooks. Rand McNally. Time Inc.

Planners by trade, this is a heavy lift, which is what makes it thoroughly compelling. We are creating Truth Strategy so we can continue to pursue our passion and share our vision and expertise with clients. Our goal is to guide clients through the turbulence to a place where they thrive. This blog, Truth in Digital, is the real time record of our journey, noting where we are, what we see, where we think we’re headed and how best to get there. Who knows where it leads? Our hope is you will come along, maybe help steer and together figure out where we want to be.

Let's do this.